Green Epi Speedy - yay or nay?

  1. Hi, my name is Eva and I have a problem... :roflmfao:
    I pretty much settled down to just two, maybe three more bags I really want at the moment - Damier Speedy, Epi Jasmin and maybe Epi Speedy 25 in either lilac, vanilla or yellow... Damier, lilac and vanilla would be perfect for my wardrobe, I know I would get lots of use out of these bags :yes: Yellow would work too, and the purple lining is TDF :love: ... but now there's this green Epi Speedy up for sale... it's gorgeous! But... what to wear w/ it? Plus, it somehow looks like an old-lady-color to me :shame:... is it? :s Any thoughts on green Epi???
  2. oh, that one is on my wish list. i'd find something to wear it with. i seem to find an outfit that matches the bag i want to carry that day, instead of the other way around, lol
  3. I have a green bag and I find it pairs really well with brown, tan or white outfits, it will really "pop" when paired with a neutral outfit, but you can't really mix it with too many other colors, at least I haven't found too many colors that work well with it.

    If you love it, you will find outfits that work with it, so I would go for it if it's a good deal.
  4. I think green is a lovely color.
  5. ooh I think the green is gorgeous!! I have an apple green b-bag, which is louder than the epi green, and find that it matches a LOT ... esp. neutrals/jeans!
  6. I love the green color.
  7. Aaaaw, I would love the Epi a tad more apple green than grass green...
  8. i love the green! if you wear neutral colors and let the bag do the talking, it willlook fabulous! get ittt!
  9. Honestly, I was never a huge fan of the green epi, I never really liked green in general. But if I were you, I would get that lilac epi speedy 25!! Gorgeous color!!
  10. OH! I want the green!
  11. I think the Green will be cute, especially for Spring and Summer
  12. I like the green too. I think it works really well with neutrals.
  13. ^ :yes:
  14. I think it's pretty, I'd love to have a true green bag someday, my Peppermint Bedford doesn't really work for everything.
  15. You think so? I mainly wanted this bag for fall... I think lilac, vanilla or yellow would be the better investment right now, as spring is coming to Germany :yes: