Green envelope?

  1. Does LV come w/ those Green envelope w/ Yellow Louis Vuitton to put the tags in? I've seen several sellers post that in their auction, is that a give away of fake or such thing do exist?
  2. I believe only fakety, fake, fake, fakers come with those envelopes!! LOL!!
  3. ^^^^^^^100% true. its an automatic steer clear of this auction sign.
  4. fake fake fake, the only envelopes are the brown ones, same colour as the bags, sometimes to put small leather goods in,(i got my mc coin purse in such an "envelope") or you have them in VERY large sizes for folded keepalls. etc etc...
  5. What are they? :confused1: Pics or link pls ? :flowers:
  6. The pics of counterfeit LVs from iOffer show them very clearly :yes:
  7. Perfect example:

  8. FAKE! FAKE! FAKE! I am no expert, but thanks to John, Addy and Lee, I learned to STEER CLEAR when I seen those envelopes and hang tags!:yucky:
  9. thanks for the reply !
  10. Those envelopes are also easily faked, but easy to spot the fake ones by the trained eye. :yes:

  11. Ooohh them! i have seen them before :throwup: Ty for the pics John :yes::flowers:
  12. Yuck definitely fake.
  13. Eww fake, thanks for the photos
  14. Yeah, very fake. Sometimes they put the authentic bag in the pic along with all those cards, then send you an obvious fake as well.