Green Elisha Purchase from BlueFly!

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  1. Omgosh, I can't believe I just did this--please give me some support!

    The first RM bag that I really liked was the Green Elisha, but I decided to purchase the MAM in Tangerine, which I adore! But I noticed on BlueFly earlier this evening that the Green Elisha was back on the market...and so after much deliberation, I bought it! For $331 (I think this is a good price, it retails for $585!).

    Ah, I think I make most of my purse purchases after 1am in the morning!

    Anyway! I wanted to share!
  2. Oh wow!! That's fantastic! Congratulations! I want an elisha so bad...=)
  3. Its a fantastic colour dear! Congrats! And at that kind of price makes it even better! U made the right choice!
  4. Please do post some pictures! Enjoy the arrival of your bag. You got a great deal too!
  5. Congrats!!! I believe that's the Emerald. It's gorgeous. :smile:
  6. WoW, great deal and gorgeous bag! Can't wait to see a modeling shot.
  7. Great deal and a beautiful color!! Congrats!
  8. you got the emerald Elisha and TRUST me that color is TDF!

    You got a great deal! Congrats, post pics, and enjoy your bag!