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  1. :confused1: Hello I need some advice~ I sold my beautiful Emerald Green Coach Tote to purchase a Green Epi....

    I would like either the speedy, noe small, soufflot, (which I tried for on let-trade someone beat me to it:cursing: ) or jasmin.

    There is a small noe I found currently. I want the bag to be functional with outfits of casual and somewhat dressy and I am concerned the noe is not dressy enough?

    Now this is if I can find them... it is getting hard to do this. I need your advice on what style? I am more of a classic type as far as my bags go. I want the style to remain. Does that make sense?
  2. Let-trade shows a green soufflot on his web site (down on the last says enquiry).
  3. oops...sorry it is a vernis piece!
  4. i personally think a Noe is more casual than dressy. the best bag i've seen in borneo green Epi was a Speedy. that colour is just amazing. good luck on your quest.
  5. A green Soufflot or Speedy would be gorgeous!
  6. Thanks guys~ I am just so stinking mad about the one on let-trade:cursing: . I e-mailed immediately and asked for the price. I despise the fact that they post the bags w/o prices and state inquiry then you have to wait for a response and who knows when that may be as it is another country/time zone for me...I am really sad. I really wanted it...Having a bad week...and found what I was looking can't have it. :crybaby: I guess I will hold out for speedy/soufflot some more...angry me...
  7. will find what you are looking for and it will be perfect!
  8. The right bag will come. I agree the noe is probably too casual for what you are after :smile:

  9. i believe that everything has a reason. that particular bag might not be the one. cheer up, the LV gods have something better for you ;)
  10. I think the Jasmin would be a good choice for you. I saw a girl in Copley with a blue Jasmin yesterday and it looked so good!! You can dress it up or down. I would say either a Jasmin or a Soufflet.
  11. Thanks everybody:flowers: .... I will keep a watch and I hope you all will to for me....
  12. Are you sure it's not available??? it's still listed on the site... although, without a price.. have they gotten back to you yet?
  13. Yeah, the soufflot is still on his site; he usually takes down bags immediately if they are sold.
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