Green Denim??

  1. I'm falling in love with the green denim, and I've come into a situation where my husband is accepting of me getting ANOTHER bag this summer before our Hawaii trip (which I'm pretty sure I'm buying the reade when there) I'm kinda torn, I almost rather buy two there b/c of the slight discount in HI, but when it comes down to it it's not that much money and I like to spread my purchases out, sooooooo, I'm thinking about the green denim mini pleaty. I'm a sucker for smaller shoulder bags, and it actually seems roomy, it caught my eye when it came out and now that it comes in green I'm really loving let me get to the point.....What do we think about the green denim year round? It seems like a fairly neutral green right, what do we think? Thanks for the opinions!
  2. I like the green more than the other colors actually. I say go for it.
  3. IMO, you can do green denim in the spring, summer and early fall. I don't think it will look right in the winter (then again, it all depends on where you live). Three out of four seasons isn't that bag! Again, this is just my opinion.:smile:
  4. Oh, I like the green denim best, and am wanting a green neo speedy myself, and hoping that the green denim won't be discontinued or something before I managed to raise the funds!
    SO get the green denim!!!:yes:
  5. I'm thinkin maybe I won't pull it out in Dec/Jan, but I can deal with that.....
  6. you should get the green pleaty and carry it to hawaii! it would look great!
  7. Get the green. I like the pink & green equally as well. I have the pink neo & love it. The green would look great year round IMO, but I'm in Texas where it's sometimes hot in Dec. lol .I would use the green as a neutral with lots of colors. Hope you get it.
  8. The green denim is my fav too! I say go for it. I was thinking about the baggy pm and went to look at it! The color is to TDF but was more than what I wanted to spend
  9. I like the original blue denim the best...seems the most neutral to me, but if you like green the go for it!
  10. Jill has a green (I think). And it's real nice.
  11. I don't like green on me..but for some reasons I love green denim..It isn't as common color for denim.Go for it !!
  12. mini pleaty......the BEST mini bag ever!! it is so comfortable on your shoulder and it's cute in your hand too! :nuts: :heart: it's very roomy and even my long wallet, razr phone, dig cam, extra fits in it. :tender:

    i have blue denim kind....i wish i had in all 3 colors! :love: go for it!!! you'll LOVE it! ;)
  13. I have and LOVE the Green Denim Baggy GM. It is fabulous and it looks great with most everything! I have a hard time with the blue denim (though I love it) and wearing it with jeans but the green is fabulous! I love mine and hope you do too... the Baggy GM is big enough that it is great for travel... and the front pocket is the perfect place for tickets, ID and phones!
  14. The green will be discontinue so If you like it buy it as soon as you can.
  15. IMO Green is the best color among the 3.Green is a good choice..