Green denim speedys on elux

  1. In case anyone has been stalking elux for this *ahem-hope I'm not the only one! This is the first I've seen of the green speedys in a while. Of course I ordered one--I need to be committed!!! What can I say-star and jill are such stylin' enablers!!!!:lol:
  2. Congrats! I'm happy you at least got one before they get snatched up! :P
  3. I need another bag like I need a hole in my head!:wacko:
  4. LOL! Good choice!
  5. I really like the green denim. The pink is nice to, bit im not a pink person. I wasnt sure about the blue denim when it first came out, but its im getting to like it more and more!
  6. Congrats PGN!!! ...I was wearing mine today with a simple white Lecoste T-shirt and jeans...BOY! did I get ALOT of compliments on the green denim today!:love: I love when strangers stop and say...ooooooh look at her bag!:lol: