Green denim....I bet you like it!

  1. I posted this in the LV thread but I wanted to show all of you( who dont like denim!!)...HOW CUTE THIS LINE IS!!!! Presenting....drum roll please...the BAGGY GM!
    a special thanks to those of you who purchased my other bags and made this moment possible!!! ***APPLAUSE!!!****
  2. Mmm, it's beautiful!!!!
  3. WOW! *whistle* gorgeous! hmmm should I go for a green denim now? so sweet and delicious! congrats woman!
  4. Jill,
    That's soo cute! Congrats!
  5. Oooh, I like it!!!!
  6. CUTE!! Another new fan!
  7. Wasn't a fan of the denim....but I am now!
  8. Congratsssssss... So beautiful :biggrin:
  9. It's gorgeous Jill. I want a pink one.
  10. Very cute, I love the shape of the baggy ! Sorry I wasn't able to contribute to your fund !
  11. Congratulations Jill!!! It sure is a beauty!!!
  12. LOL! Thanks everyone!

    Yes,I think a pink one may be in my future!!!(ALL 'STARS' fault,again!!LOL!!)
  13. The pink is fabulous too!! What style are you thinking about?
  14. Prob the same style in pink..the others are too small for me!
  15. i wasn't really a fan of the denim line until now with the green and pink they are gorgeous!