Green Denim Baggy PM (Pics Please!)

  1. Hi guys,
    I just searched the entire visual thread for a pic of the green Denim Baggy PM and there are none! I know some of you have this bag. Would you be so kind to post pics of it and even better of it worn. I'd just like to see the color in a real pic (not prop or adv pics) worn on real people :biggrin:
    Thank you so much! :love:
  2. Sorry... jo_jo.... I know I saw the green one in Visual Aid cause I was interested now I can't find it either... but guess this is soldout and maybe you bought the last one?:confused1: :shame:
  3. ^^ Yes, I called 1866 and they located the last one in the USA for me. I am having it shipped to Florida so that I can buy it there. But there's a posibility that I may have to buy it over the phone and I'd really like to see the color worn by regular people (not ads etc) :biggrin:
  4. I did see a PFer worn it with a dark green t-shirt... Now I can't find her pic for you...:hysteric:
  5. That would be interesting... anyone?
  6. Someone just got one the last few days. Try searching lichen, I think thta's what she titled it.
  7. Yes, I just saw someone's thread about it yesterday. She posted a couple pics I believe.
  8. sorry they arent the baggy pm but the baggy GM
    lv19.jpg lv24.jpg lv25.jpg lv13.jpg lv14.jpg
  9. Great! Thank you guys!!!
    Thank you Fetish...those pics give me an idea of the color irl.
    I can't wait till I get it! :yahoo:
  10. ^^ awesome, glad I could help. Be sure to post pic's when you get your bag.,