green day -- which one?


Which green RH day?

  1. vert thym day

  2. vert foret day

  3. sapin day

  4. other (please specify)

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  1. I have to buy sight unseen, please tell me what you think and help me decide.

    I'd love a green bbag and am thinking about a RH day. It will be my only green bag. I wear a lot of neutrals, mostly black shoes, dark denim, white/grey/black tops, grey and black pants ... a few colours thrown in every now and then.

    I alredy have plomb, rouille, mogano and am thinking about a black bbag as well. No day yet though. Which green day would you choose? Vert thym (1), vert foret (2), sapin (3 -- the leather on the day is similar to the leather on this bag).

    image[3].jpg image[1].jpg image[5].jpg
  2. Have u thought abt vert fonce? It's a nice neutral olive sorta green that looks brown in certain light, very yummy!

    I'll probably go for VT if it has to be one of the 3.
  3. I like the vert fonce I have seen here but I don't know of one that is available. These three days I can get right now (well, the vert thym when it is released).

    Would vert fonce go well with black?
  4. i personally prefer VT, it's pretty! but actually more with GSH than RH.
  5. cute title! I was thinking Greenday the band ;) I vote VT but as you can see I'm a little teensy bit biased. I think Vert Fonce is somewhat browner than a true green. If you are looking for a subtle green I think the three choices you listed are a good selection. Unless you are looking for older colors like emerald. Let us know what you get!
  6. I would have to say VF, not just because I have it (in a city though) but I just love the dark pine color, if you can find a VF, that would be my second choice, I have seen one and it is B_U_T_FUL!!!:tup: Good Luck!!
  7. Yes my vote goes to Dookie :jammin:
  8. I personally love vert fonce the best. But out of the 3 options you listed, I'd go with vert thyme. I think it might be a nice change of pace for you, since your other bags are darker (except the rouille I guess). plus, vert thyme looks gorgeous in the pics I've seen. For some reason, sapin has never appealed to me. Let us know what you choose! :smile:
  9. the 08' green!
  10. I love Vert Thyme, but in a Day style I would go for a brighter green like Vert Gazon.

    Have you considered a Pine?

    That is a cross between Vert Gazon & Sapin...Someone else may have mentioned this, sorry, I haven't read the posts yet!
  11. I vote for Vert Thyme. Will you consider to have the Day with SGH?
  12. Hm, I'm not sure. So far I've preferred RH. GH is perhaps too flashy for me. I'd like to see what it looks like. The significant extra cost and the extra weight also put me off.

    Seems that most of you prefer the VT with SGH. I really like the look of GH on others, I'm just not sure it's me! My style is pretty understated, on the whole.
  13. Pine is vert foret, isn't it? That's my second option, up there. I am considering it and asking you all for your opinion!

    So IYO is pine a stronger colour than vert thyme? But it's darker, isn't it? Vert thyme looks more neutral, more washed out. I'd love to see some modeling pictures, still haven't seen any pics of somebody modeling a vert thyme bag. Any style!