Green Contacts

  1. Ok, I've order green contacts off the internet before, but they made me look weird & creepy. Does anyone recommend a green colored contact brand that looks natural?!? I naturally have dark brown eyes (I don't know if you needed to know that). Thanks.:smile:
  2. I totally recommed elegence lenses, they are AMAZING!!! they are the one pairs hilton wears, she has naturally brown eyes. Cheak them'll love them
  3. These are made by CIBA vision they used to be called Natural Touch. I used to sell these a long time ago when I was an Optician. They were not hot sellers though. But, times have changed and it has been about 7 yrs.
    They have a dark ring around them and a scattered pattern. The manufacturer says this makes it look more realistic, but I often had people return them because it actually made their eyes look smaller. However, on some they looked really beautiful. If your going to go with contact lenses, I would go disposable all the way. Healthier for the eye, you always have another one on hand in case you lose one or tear it. I would expierment, see if your eye doc will let you try on different colors.
  4. Good Luck. In high school I wore green contacts. (Don't ask me why because I have green eyes, ahh teenagers.) Anyway, in the sun my eyes were yellow. Like a cat. Creepy.