green companies

  1. so my older sister got me into handbags this past summer and my collection is already growing. but i've yet to find a handbag manufacturer who has a strong focus on the environment or giving back to the community. i'm an environmental studies major at my university and i'm looking for a company with a great handbag and a great social orientation. any suggestions?
  2. Matt & Nat create cute vegan handbags:

    If you're a vegetarian or a vegan and want to lessen the impact that leather demand has on our environment, then Matt & Nat are a company you should look into. I have never ordered any of their bags, but I have seen a few that I think are cute. Luna Boston sells them online and I believe that you can use the "grechen" code for an extra 20% off.
  3. Sorry I am of no help!!
  4. i just checked out a bag that is "green" on the hayden harnett's called the "friends of al" bag...check it out!
  5. Stella McCartney, Marc Bauer & Ralph Lauren are all green and are against animal cruelty.
  6. I just bought a gorgeous bag at Neiman's which is Stella McCartney's "Morgan Zip Bucket Bat" - Found out it was "suitable for vegetarians" after the fact. I am really pleased and a new McCartney fan, she has some great looking bags.