Green color?

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  1. Hi all,
    being new in Balenciaga....I knew there are a few shades of green introduced...

    i have a 05 olive day.

    so far I think there are the following color released:

    seafoam - 04 ?
    olive - 05
    apple green - 05
    sapin - 06
    origan - 06
    vert gazon - 07
    pine - 07
    vert fonce - 07

    what else out there?
    thanks so much for your help.
  2. Apple Green 05
  3. oh yeah i forget about apple green.

    what's your favourite green?
  4. What about Origan 06- my favorite!!!!
  5. thanks becca and rolexgirl!
    what else???? i am thinking if i should get sapin or the upcoming pine.
  6. Ooops...
  7. Here's a list of greens by year --

  8. wow....super nice chart! thanks so much for your help.