Green coffer on net-a-porter - great or yuk?

  1. Every time I hit net-a-porter the green coffer catches my eye. I'm really wanting a black gauffre e/w satchel but I do love the look of the coffer.
    Now here's the thing - is it my Irish blood that is the reason why the green coffer is calling or am I colourblind?!
    I just can't decide if it's great or absolutely ghastly. What do you all think??
  2. I like it. It's a fairly neutral type of green. Now if it were lime green or some other ungodly shade then no, it wouldn't work. The only thing you have to watch out with both green and red bags is what you wear with them. Green bag + red dress = Christmas ornament. :shame:
  3. I actually really like the green..and the price point is alot easier on the wallet than the PRADA!
  4. I like all of the Coffer colors! I think it's a lovely green and I normally don't care for green. I have the dark brown -- can't say enough about this bag... I love it to pieces! If you like the greeeen... :smile:
  5. I like the green Coffer as well. I bet it's even better in real life.
  6. pic? i am curious now :p the coffer really never caught my attention for some reason...
  7. Oh god, don't ask me to do pics - I have tried and tried but failed. Call me hopeless...
    The bag is on the net-a-porter site. My worry is it is a fairly strong looking green and I do wear red a heck of a lot!! Perhaps it's not for me.
    I so love your e/w satchel Bagpunk - now I'm torn. As we're talking a lot of money I really want to buy a classic. So gauffre or not to gauffre?
  8. :smile: to gauffre or not to gauffre indeed! i think the gauffre may well go down in history as a landmark in bag designs. it may not continue to stand at the top of what is "in", but it may just have the staying power of the, say, bowling bag. if i have to pick, i am leaning towards the antik cervo line myself, although i am CRAZY about the gauffre. i do think that i can get a gauffre-overdoze, but the antik cervo...! different shapes and shades.... just yum! but i think both antik cervo and gauffre are just faaaab..!!
  9. Here it is...


    I really like the coffer in this color.Great green for spring/summer.
    green coffer.jpg
  10. ugh..stop showin me pics..Im in enough trouble...LOL
  11. Thanks for posting the pic - it sure is green! Actually seeing it that big makes me think of Kermit so perhaps it's not the colour for me.
    I still really like the design but I don't think the coffer is timeless enough for me.
    So one decision made - it's now between the antic cervo and the gauffre e/w satchel. I think it will come down to which I love when I see them IRL. I'm just hoping the Nice store will have them both - I've already drawn a blank in London.
    What's the betting I come back with something completely different? I really like the look of the gauffre satchel in camel!!
  12. I like it, but personally I wouldn't buy it. Not because I don't like the color, but because I don't really have anything that will go with that color.
    Considering it's a GREEN handbag, I think it's a pretty neutral shade of green though. So if you like the color I think you should go for it. It catches my eye as well (in a good way).
  13. No matter what color the coffer is stunning, but personally wouldn't by the green one. Color is nice but I have nothing in my closet to wear with it.
  14. I agree. This summer's clothes are mainly navy, white & red so it just wouldn't work. It's a nice colour in itself but is just unworkable. One to leave on the shelf.
  15. i quite like this color! it's so "strolling down the street on a warm spring day"! (does that even make sense?)