Green Chain, B/W, Ombre Patent, etc. Nordies markdowns!

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  1. So tempting!!! But I'm already banned and I really want that Tie Dye Mandy in October! Why can't I be rich?!?!
  2. Oooh, I'd love to get the Ombre Patent belfast or wallet but I don't really need another wallet and the Wilbury was too narrow for me so I think the Belfast would be too. It's so pretty though. :sad:
  3. Oh that means I won't be the only one with a Green Ombre Chain Mandy! Woohoo! I'll have to think hard about that Belfast. It could be handy for the Ren Faire.

  4. i want to know why i'm not either. :sad:
  5. Man I sure do want the Andrea Jacquard i just cant pay that much for it...we will see
  6. I want the Jolie....but that is still a lot of $$$...what to do what to do....when they eventually go to NR they are cheaper then 33% off right?
  7. I keep looking at the wallet too, but I don't really need another one either.
  8. I gave in and purchased the Black/Natural Jolie Tote. I've been waiting a long time for it to go on sale. I know its still a little pricey but its worth it. I don't want to wait for Nordstrom Rack to get them in because I haven't had the luck going there on the day it gets stocked. All I'm waiting for is the Saddle Bullseye Mandeville to go on sale :amuse: