Green Cervo Riccioli $885 at BG

  1. pretty color! i love green bags!
  2. It says it's not available. Do you have this bag? I love the color and that braided handle.
  3. I love the color.
  4. I have this bag. Its a great colour and the handle is a beauty. The only thing is that it has no closure which might be a problem for some.
  5. :nuts:

    The braided handle is TDF!!
  6. Thanks for sharing the photo-love this bag! Love that spring green color too. Alas, I can't wear green well...
    The braided handle and detail are incredible!
  7. ooh, that's pretty
  8. Beautiful! If only it wasn't in green...
  9. I think this green color is very versatile, albeit a tad casual.
  10. Can anyone tell me how comfortable the braided handle is? Does it feel nice on the shoulder?