Green "Blondie" on EBay

  1. Hey, all. I saw a green Gucci bowler on eBay and quickly sent the seller a question about the serial number. When I went back and read the description, it said that the bag was a gift from an aunt and seller couldn't guarantee authenticity because she didn't personally purchase it. I went back this a.m. and the listing had been edited. The part about the aunt/authenticity was deleted. Also, the listing now states that the seller will provide the serial number only to the winning bidder. Too many red flags for me, but one of you may/may not be interested. (The seller didn't answer my question, BTW.)

    eBay: GUCCI GREEN PEBBLE LEATHER BLONDIE BOWLING BAG WEB LOGO (item 290026606130 end time Sep-12-06 17:10:53 PDT)
  2. if the seller will provide the serial number only to the winning bidder, i guarantee that serial number will read as " just got screwed, sucker...". this is screaming fake to me since she cannot help in guaranteeing authenticity to potential buyers....
  3. ^^ yep, that's a fucci alright!!! :hysteric:
  4. do theoriginal blondie come in green too??i've never heard of it...
  5. it did come in green, but that bag looks fake to me!
  6. :lol: no kidding!
  7. :supacool: fake!
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