Green + black Alexander McQueen scarf

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  1. Just thought y'all might like to see my new scarf I got from net-a-porter. I saw it and just had to buy it. :nuts:



    What's everyone's opinion on these scarves? I like them but not enough for me to go and buy every color. This is my first one and I only plan to buy two other colors. (white + yellow and grey + white)

    I hope I posted this in the right place, I've never posted a thread anywhere but the LV forum~
  2. I love Alexander McQueen skull scarfs. I have the same one in lavender and black. The green and black is very vibrant - love it.
  3. Lavender and black sounds really nice. :smile:

    What happens if they get wet? I'm worried about taking mine out in the rain in case the water damages it?
  4. Nice! I love it.
  5. Love the color!! Thanks for posting...haven't seen that color before. I love AM skull scarves...I own six of them.
  6. Great scarf! I have the grey and white and love it although I would like a more vibrant colour as well; ther is a pink and black one which is gorgeous. The only thing I would change is to have one which is much larger. Congratulations. X
  7. I love this one. It's such a funny accesorie
  8. I've never seen that color combo either. I love it, they are so easy to accessorize. Congrats!
  9. wow!! Love it!! I was torn between this one and the pink pashmina on NAP, and ended up getting the pink one. When i have the fund, iM DEFINITELY gonna get this one too!!!
  10. This is a great color! I saw this in the McQueen store last week and was very tempted. I have 3 (a black+ purple, pink+ black and blue+red).

    Don't worry too much about wearing it out when it rains ellerymae. As long as you're out with an umbrella a few raindrops won't damage it. I've worn mine out in all kinds of weather and they're still in perfect condition.
  11. Wow, great colour, love it :tup:
    I have the grey and black, cream & black, blue & black and black & white, mmm, maybe I need some colour...
    I wore my grey and black today and it's snowing, I never even thought about not getting it wet.
  12. Nice color, I love these scarves, I have one in the white with black skulls :smile:
  13. I spilt coffee on my hot pink/black McQueen scarf, and I didn't want it to stain before I got her to the cleaners, so I rinsed it in cold water. It's in perfect condition, just keep it some place safe if you get it wet and to the dry cleaners right away. If you leave it to dry on it's own, like any really good silk, it will wrinkle and you will obviously never take an iron to it, so it would be like that until the dry cleaners. Nothing bad would happen, but you couldn't wear it.

  14. the green is gorgeous! i love it! :love:

  15. A little bit of water should not hurt it, but if you do get it wet, as recommended, take it to the dry cleaners.