Green Bbags

  1. I'm thinking about getting a green Balenciaga bag as I'm saving up and I love the color green!!!
    A bbag is so versatile!! I'm in love with the weekender and work bags
    I am really in love with the pine color but I would also like to see other green bbags.

    And out of curiosity is there a pine weekender? I reallllyy want one :yes:
  2. Probably, I'd call around and ask. Pine is a current color, the pics of which are starting to show up on the forum. I'm sure they made it in the Weekender but not every store will have bought it for their inventory. Call Balenciaga in NYC first to check.
  3. You could also post this is the shopping sub-forum and see if any PFers have seen one around.

    Many a bags purchased 'roun these parts are due to a "lovely PFer" who found the bag. [ ;
  4. Here is my AG weekender if you fancy a BRIGHT green!!!!


  5. Oh and on my WE hunt BalNY did have sage green from 06 i think and vert gazon in RH!
  6. PC22: that Apple Work is STUNNING!!!! :drool::drool::drool:
  7. LOVE that apple green!!!!
  8. I love the AG!
  9. PC22, your WE AG is make me drooling all over my keyboard now. It is a beautiful bag.
  10. Pinkchristie, that is a stunning piece of AG Weekender there!!! I love green. Here's my Pine Work from Aloha Rag!
  11. Thank you guys so much!!! I love green so much and I think it's underrated :sad:
    I love your AG!!! It gorgeous!!! But a bright color isn't for me it doesn't match my clothes so well :crybaby:
    And KDC, your Pine work is really really beautiful. I think thats my perfect bag! (So I am really hating you at the moment :p)
    I would buy from AR, but I already live in the city... so I will probably buy at BalNY. I'm a designer noob so... do I have to be put on a waiting list?
    (Man I feel so stupid for asking these questions :push:smile:
  12. ^^You have to call BalNYC and see if they have it in stock. If they do then they can ship it to you ASAP. With AR they get their shipment late so you'd need to be on a waiting list unless their shipment for the Pine Work already came and the have it in stock.
  13. I see thank you so much :]
    At the moment I'm still saving up, so I can't buy it at the moment (as much as I want too, seriously why couldn't a Pine Bbag be with me since birth?!). My birthday is coming up soon, so hopefully by next month I'll be broke and happy with my new Pine Work Bag.
    hopefully :push: