green bayswater

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  1. Okay, if it takes all night I am going to share this pic with you. My bayswater, a forum member turned me on to this sale at bergdorfs and my $1200 bayswater was only $430 I love it. Now lets see if you all can see it.

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  2. i can see it :nuts: and it's gorgeous......sucha great price too....i want one's very hermes meets western
  3. okay so my teenager did it for me but it still isn't as big as most of yours. Any suggestions?
  4. Oh wow, that's beautiful. Unique.
  5. That is really a sweet bag. What a nice colour!
  6. Wow, what a great deal! I love the color.
  7. I love it! Fantastic color and great shape!
  8. Very nice and what a deal!

    I assume what you mean by "big as most of yours" is referring to the photo size, not bag size. ;) I think your teenager just needs to resize it bigger. Sometimes when I choose to "resize photos for emailing" it comes out too small, so I have to manually choose the size. The max file upload size is 244KB. If you add more than one photo then it can't add up to more than that.
  9. Good deal! I usually don't like the Baywater but this one is to die for. I really like it!!
  10. At $430, its a steal! CONGRATULATIONS!
  11. thanks everyone. It is the bag that all my girlfriends like the most when they come over and browse my handbag collection. Now if spring would just show up I colud start carrying it. thanks for the photo info. I think I have to hire a computer expert to come and teach me all the little tricks. Some people here are able to add a bunch of photos and they all enlarge to a good visible size. I have so many handbags I want to post but I just have to get this photo thing right first.
  12. Wow, Loren, that is a beautiful bag! Great price too! Enjoy!
  13. YAY. Love the Bayswater Tooled. And I got mine for a steal too! :biggrin:
    They are STILL in the stores at I think... $1495 or so- eek!

    Do make sure you protect this leather or it will spot! I used the Apple
    conditioner liberally on mine.
  14. I looooooove that color!!
  15. Very cool color-Enjoy!