Green balenciaga sighting (seafoam?) on SNL !!

  1. Did anyone catch that skit on SNL with the ditzy chic in the robbery sketch? (It was one of the first ones). Anyway the BF calls frantically "Varsha Varsha hurry, she has a balenci!!" And sure enough, she did! It was probably fake since I don't think I've seen that color before, but it was definitely trying to be seafoamish. And she was carrying it backwards. I was so focused on the bag that the content of the skit totally escaped me! Did any of you catch it?

    Whew that was exciting.:amuse:
  2. Hahaha...I'm watching SNL right now and I TOTALLY noticed Kristen Wiig had a B-esque bag in the Two A-holes sketch. I saw a tassel and my hadbag radar went PIIIING! It looked like a kelly greenish color.
  3. Haha glad I'm not the only one! The bag color is growing more distant with time but it may have even been appleish.

    SNL was so funny! It's been getting better. I was laughing so hard at weekend update that BF was like "Are you ok?". But what was with Nelly Furtado's first ghetto fabulous and second Madonna in the early 90's style songs? She looked great, but her songs were...wierd.

    Anyway, glad someone else caught the bag too!
  4. I can't wait for the rerun so I can watch for the bag more closely.

    Yes, SNL has been getting better. I like the new cast members, especially Kristen Wiig. Nelly Furtado was weird. It's like she was trying to be someone else.
  5. I must have dozed off when the B-bag made its guest appearance, but I caught Nelly Furtado and agree the whole new image thing is not working. It was just plain weird and I was kind of embarrassed for her while watching.
  6. I saw it too!
  7. OOh! I noticed that last night too!

    At first I wondered if it was a fake, but then I thought maybe it was her own bag? It looked like an emerald to me, maybe just lightened by the bright spotlights? So exciting!
  8. One of my friends was cast this season along with another friend who's now a writer! It's really exciting to know that SNL now has writers and actors who are in their 20's... well, LATE 20's ;)
  9. Ooh, which is your friend who was cast? I think all the featured players this season are great and I hope that they get promoted next season. They are doing a lot to revitalize the show.

    Sorry, a bit off topic....
  10. I'll tell you in a PM, if my friend googles their name he/she will know I'm a bag whore to this extreme. :rolleyes:
  11. Yes, I saw the Seafoam Balenciaga too. It was The City and Kristen Wiig was carrying it with the back of the bag facing frontward on her arm. I shouted out (during the skit) to DH, "Look honey, there's a Balenciaga." He recognized the tassels. :cool:

    Funny sketch although people like that IRL are...:yucky: