Green Apple - Sale On James Jeans/ 20% Off


    This month, Green Apple is featuring James Jeans and giving away a FREE pair of jeans! If you don't own a pair of James, you really must try them! We are very selective at what denim brands we carry because there are so many out there that either have a terrible fit or fit only a certain body type. We think James Jeans can fit every body type and make you look amazing at the same time! The angled back pockets just work like magic- we don't know how they do it- but they really do make your rear end look smaller and more uplifted! Already got a small butt? These won't make it appear flattened out or non-exisistent, either!
    Next time you are shopping with us, use coupon code <B><BIG>'JAMES07' for 20% off your James Jeans denim purchase</B></BIG>. Try the wildly popular James Graphite or the new Wesley Wide Leg that have been flying out of here.