Green Apple Bbag


Oct 23, 2005
I found mine on eBay, I got lucky! I think this is a hard to find color. I would keep watching eBay, and as soon as one pops up, if you're not sure about authenticity, post the link in Seller Watch. There was an eggplant first listed on eBay that sold in a matter of hours, so you might have to get a little eBay obsessive if you really want to find one :nuts:
Jan 25, 2006
I saw this color in person for the first time today while I was out shopping, and I have to say that it is FABULOUS! I have always admired it in photographs, but in person -- WOW! I could not stop staring at the bag. I hope you find one, chanelissy.
Jan 25, 2006
ranskimmie said:
There is someone very interested, yet no payment yet. Interrested??:biggrin:

It is a lovely bag, but I'm not really a pink person. There was recently an auction for a lilac first that I thought a lot about bidding on, but as much as I wanted to, in the end I couldn't bring myself to do it. Unfortunately the color doesn't really work for me. Out of all of the shades of pink that Balenciaga has done, the lilac is far and away my favorite and it is the only one that I would even consider.

I wish you lots of luck selling your city!


Jan 25, 2006
melisande said:
Are you really thinking of selling your apple first, ranskimmie? What price are you thinking of? Is that the one you bought on ebay?

I was thinking about it. Believe it or not I have several members on a wait list incase I decide to depart from my ever so loved Bbag:cry: . I am asking over retail because of its color and availability. So we'll see. For some reason, (for the first time) Im just not sure if I should get rid of this one.:amuse:

Oh yeah, it is the one I bought from e-bay auction#6843960377 if you want to see pics.