Green and Glam my latest bags

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  1. #1 Jul 10, 2009
    Last edited: Jul 10, 2009
    I love green. Actually apple green, I have been looking for a green bag for a long time. I thought the Heritage stripe was going to be my bag but my Sister in Law bought the pink so I looked again and I saw this:


    now I have my green fix on the summer bag! the lining is a deep pink and the bottom unzips to show more lovely green goodness!

    And just because she looks cute here is my Poppy bag! No surprise on the color


    My favorite SA gave me the buttons! And now for an inside shot


    Thanks for letting me show you.

    NOW I only have to get the Julianne in Green/Gray showing on the Japan site and my green fix for fall is complete!

    NO MORE BAGS till then!

    I believe me..............;)
  2. love your glam bag! also, just ordered the rainbow charm myself. can you tell me, are the red cosmetic cases available at the boutiques? do you have an item number? thanks!
  3. Really great bags. I just love the Bonnie, it really looks good in green
  4. Adore the python Bonnie and I am jealous that you are getting the green julianne from japan! I like that a lot!
  5. They are Japanese magazine gifts. Came with two Poppy pens. I got them from a friend but you can go here too!
  6. thank you for the info!
  7. ooooo... such pretty totes! congratulations!!

    (i really like your bedding too!!)
  8. pretty pretty! congrats
  9. Love the colors
  10. everything is yummy :smile: such an eye candy! congrats.
  11. Love the python bag and the rainbow charm!
  12. Omg I looove the poppy tote!!! I want I want!! And yes your bedding is super cute!!
  13. hey ......nice colors !!!!!!!!
  14. What lovely fun colors! That orange glam tote is just jaw dropping and gorgeous! Congrats!
  15. oh lovelies!!!
    they must look stunning on you!

    and i chuckled while reading this!
    as we hardly see much of 'self-believing' in here.. hahaha
    u sure? :graucho: