GREEK lover anyone?

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  1. I'm opening a new thread since there's none about this show. Anybody watch this show and love it?
    It's been 5 episodes since last Monday. I find this show is very interesting and I love it! :yahoo:

    Anyway, this show is about fraternity & sorority clubs in greek alphabet (like phi theta kappa, alpha beta psi, etc).

    The show is on ABC family every Monday at 9/8c.
    here's the official link: (for episode guides, cast, etc)

    Looking forward for the next episode!!
  2. OK, if I must..........yes, I do watch and like the show :shame:

    I was actually surprised that they included a gay character.
  3. My friend got me to watch - it is cute! I missed the first episode though, but pretty much figured out what happened. I'm so bad at making sure I'm home for shows, so I'm glad they put it online. Its light and cute, perfect for summer viewing.
  4. I can't believe that main girl character is Kelsey Grammer's daughter. She used to come on my soap (As the World Turns) and honestly, I didn't care for her much. But she looks cute in this show.
  5. I hate the fact that Casey is with Evan :smash:
    I prefer she's with Cappie!! Perfect couple.. hoping they're gonna end up together :tender: cause Cappie is very cute :shame:.. somewhat look like Ashton Kutcher lol :biggrin:

    hate Rebecca Logan!! :cursing::mad:
  6. Did anyone watch the new season of Greek last night?!? I love this show!!!!!
  7. I watched it!
    What Evan did to Casey was just wrong.
    And WOW Cappie and Rebecca...didn't see that coming!
    Rebecca may be a ***** but she is amazingly gorgeous!!
  8. I can't wait for the next season! Does anyone know when it will be?
  9. August 26! Is it true that by the end of the season.. lauren conrad is going to be appearing for that one episode?!
  10. ^yep! i read she is playing herself in a dream sequence where Casey dreams she is BFFs w. Lauren! sounds cute :tup:
  11. ^ lol... i see, it's a bit odd but i think it'll be good!
  12. Really??? UGH I am sorry but I absolutely loathe LC! Why is she coming on the show? :nogood:

    LOL I guess I will have to wait and see how she does.

    August 26 is pretty soon! I can't wait! Will Kyle XY be coming back then too?
  13. ^ Basically she's just playing herself (LC) nothing new...
  14. OMG, I didn't know about LC being on the show...hmm...that's a bit iffy :shrugs:

    But anyway, new season!! Woohoo!! :yahoo:
  15. ^ she's only appearing on the last episode.

    I can't wait either!