Greek chic in oxblood!

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  1. it has been a while since I have gotten a new Tano...and I finally caved and ordered a woven she is!

    Very cool handle peeking out!


  2. NICE!! Are the woven edges raw or finished? How do you like the bag?
  3. Black interior...and only lined with leather, not full leather patch pockets...


    Gunmetal hardware...and the thing opens! It is hard to tell, but this is darker then just silver...will have to take a shot this weekend with the regular silver hardware!


    And here she is in the sun on my passenger seat...pretty!

  4. It is unfinished...I also tried to show the woven pattern...some of the leather woven folds or flips so you see the underside of the it texture.

    I like the size of the color...the leather feels nice...but honestly I am still undecided if the woven is for me or not...but I have not had a lot of time to play with it, so I will wait until this weekend when I can do that!
  5. ^^

    Thanks! I have a woven Boogie with unfinished woven details and it is starting to shed and it bothers me. I wish that the woven leather was finished but then again, Tanos aren't BV's either.

    I am loving the gunmetal hardware!
  6. I love the color. You'll have to let us know what you decide!
  7. I like the darker silver hardware... sometimes silver can be too bright, and the gunmetal too dark. This one seems just right.
  8. The color is really pretty...perfect shade of red! and I really like the hardware you said is not too bright nor too dark!

    Kings...that is exactly what my concern I will have to unstuff her and play with her a bit this weekend to decide...since work actually wants me to work! LOL!
  9. Oh, and I also like the slight variation in red shading... it gives the bag some depth. And the different widths of the strips... some are thin, some are thick, and some are in-between. It just makes for an overall interesting bag, while still remaining classic in shape. What a great reveal, Deb. I'm enjoying every single picture!!!
  10. VERY pretty color and I like the woven a lot, especially the variations. The strap looks slippy to me? I'm sorry you don't love it right out of the box, but that's happened to me with bags also. Good that you have the weekend to make a decision!

  11. GORGEOUS!!!!! I love the woven look!
  12. Pretty! I love gunmetal hardware!
  13. it's a beauty Deb! I really like the woven bags this season!
  14. Congrats, Deb!
  15. Nice bag. I was thinking of getting one myself but the handle worries me. I like them to lay flat on my shoulder but it looks like it may roll off would you say it is a hard or soft handle. Is it a big?. Thanks for your help.