Greedy little ebay sellers!

  1. So decided to stop by TJMaxx today, because they usually have new stuff on Friday. Of course, I went strait to the purses to see if they got any new Coach, and they had none. Not too disappointed until , I saw a lady pushing a cart with about 8 Coach purses in it! I'm like WTF? The kicker is that on top was a white sig duffel with gold trim. Something I have been liking for awhile. I kinda stalked her for a minute to see if she was going to put anything back, but ran into a girl I know who works there and she told me the lady buys all the Coach and Dooney every couple of weeks and sells it on eBay! I'm all for free enterprise and everything, but come on! I live 3 hours from an outlet, so TJMaxx is my only hope for discount Coach. Now it's war between me and the eBay lady!
  2. That doesn't seem right. I can understand your frustration.
  3. Man. That sucks. I hate when people do stuff like that.
  4. I know that duffel. They had a bunch at the off Saks outlet and they were cheaper that what tjmaxx is asking. If you have one near you.

  5. You should try politely approaching her if you see her in the store again. Better yet, ask the people at TJ Maxx exactly what day and time the truck comes in, what the schedule is of them getting new purses. Then you can beat the ebay lady at her own game by getting there when they open that morning-- or if not beat her, at least talk to her.
  6. I agree... have your friend clue you in to when they deliver the coach bags so you can try to get there ASAP and hopefully BEFORE she does...or at least in time to "duke it out" :boxing: lollol
  7. Holy cow.

    Go get her! Grrr... :boxing:

    Unreal...I actually know a lady who does that, too... :shocked:

    How unfair...that is all I can say!
  8. This is how most of the Coach bags get on Ebay. One seller naively told me she went on a weekend trip to several outlets, through out California and Nevada. People do this for a living!
  9. Ugh I hate that... it sucks to see the bag of your dreams in the hands of someone who buys it just to make money off it.

  10. Yah, some e-bayer sellers even marked up the price high! :yucky:
  11. This annoys me to know end. I never sell anything on ebay to make money. The items are things from my own collection that I don't want or I want to make room for new things. I believe in free enterprise but this is ridiculous. Why should I have to pay more money for something on EBAY just because someone bought all the bags at the Outlet to make money off of it? Just not fair.
  12. That is soo annoying. I may buy 1 bag to possibly sell. ONE!! Not a cartful! However, I have noticed that the bags that are obviously coming from TJ Maxx do not sell for much more than what they are paying (if at all more), so hopefully this wench is losing money in fees.
  13. I wonder if people like that really many very much on bags they by from TJ Maxx to resell. Typically, TJ marks off 50% of the retail price. Depending on the bag, you might not get that much on eBay. Certain styles will probably fetch some extra money but some will not and I have a feeling that this woman may not be making that much on them.
  14. wow! ppl are greedy sometimes / a lot of times
  15. I remembered when i was searching for legacy stripe wallet in ebay, there was this buyer that quote me BIN $600!! That was totally insane! When the wallet was actually only $188 + tax!!