Greedy fakers

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  1. I know I've seen your posts about all the fakes on eBay, but wow! Not only are they selling fakes, but they are selling them for A LOT of money (or trying to)! They seem like no better quality than bags you'd see for $40 on the street corner in NYC, yet they are listing for $500-$1,000 on eBay. Shocking!
  2. I feel bad for the uneducated buyers. :sad: it is terrible. :sad:
  3. Yeah I's sad....I would be very very hesitant to buy a designer bag off of ebay unless I had it authenticated here....
  4. It must be very frustrating if your selling a real bag Vs all the fakes that seem to be rampant on Ebay
  5. I had an experience buying a bag from an online seller, only later to find out from TPF that it's a fake.

    Good thing I got my money back.
  6. It really is horrible. I would never condone fake bags regardless, but at least when someone buys a $40 fake on the street somewhere, they know what they are doing/getting. One of the 'how to spot a fake' rules used to be price. If it seems to good to be true, it is! You can't buy a new Prada or LV for $100. But, with the prices these sellers are posting on eBay, people probably think they are real if they are not on this board. Sad.

    And yes, I've tried selling bags before on eBay, but as an individual I have 100% perfect feedback, but only like 20+ transactions buying/selling. So, I'm sure people are hesitant to buy from me even though I guarantee authenticity. So do all the fakers! So, I'm now trying FashionPhile. Hoping they'll have a stronger name to sell my bags :smile:
  7. There are MANY threads on this topic..please feel free to add to them..we dont allow duplicate threads!THANKS!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.