Grechens Closet

  1. Hey - I just tried to go onto to get a coupon code to use on feng junk & the website isn't responding. Does anyone know what the problem is ? Will the coupon codes still work ?
  2. hi - the site's been up and down all day :Push: (problem with my hosting company). the coupons still work, and if you let me know what you're looking for i can tell you what the code is...

    sorry for the problems. :shame:

    eta: duh...i saw you're looking for the feng junk coupon's 20% off + free Shipping with code 'Grechen'
  3. Thanks - you guys rock !!!! Great site! I can't believe the number of discounts! I'm off to buy a hayden-harnett - 20% off & free shipping thanks to grechen's closet! yipeee !!!
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