Greatly needed advice

  1. Hi fellow chanel lovers,
    i need some advice. I was able to purchase both chanel camborn bags...the bowling and the medium tote(bucket), they are both pinkl with the pink cc on the side. The question is, I did great them for a great price, Saks sale. Would you keep both or retun one of them. I just were they were in two differnt colors then i would def. keep both. I really need the you fashion friends to help me out!!!

    thanks again
    Lee Lee
  2. Do you have them both in your possession or are they en-route? If you have them (or when you get them), my suggestion would be to try them both on and pick the one you feel is most comfortable and functional. I have the cambon bowler in black and personally find it to me my lightest and most comfortable bag. It's easy to carry either on the arm or shoulder and a cinch to get in and out of (I don't keep my bags zipped so can reach in and out in a hurry.). I find tote (bucket) style bags cumbersome because they are deep and it takes longer to find something inside. The tote styles remind me of beach bags, so my vote goes for the bowler. But if you have a use for both despite the color being the same by all means keep them!
  3. I prefer the bowler.
  4. Post pics of them so we can help you. :yes:
  5. Depends on how good the sale was!

    If you like both of them, and they were both a good price, I'd be inclined to keep both if you wear a lot of pink like me. The shapes are pretty different, so you can tell they're different bags.

    I personally like the shape of the bowler better, but the tote would be easier to just put stuff in like papers, etc... Depends on what your lifestyle is like, but they are pretty different looking IMHO.
  6. I have never seen Pink with Pink CC's. Sounds pretty. Please post pics!!
  7. well the bowler will be 415 and i believe the medum tote will be 530. do you call that a good deal? i do love pinkl too! I am just concerned that i should not have two bags the same color
  8. I think it would be okay to keep both bags, since they are both different styles. Plus the pink is being discontinued.
  9. I like the bowler!
  10. I have the multipocket and the large bucket cambon both in black and both in beige!! It does seem excessive but I can't part with any of them right now! You got a nice deal on them so I say keep them both and when and if you do get sick of one or both of them, sell them on e-bay. I bet you wouldn't loose that much money!
    BTW, I am the minority it seems but I prefer the bucket to the bowler...
  11. theres a pink on pink?!?!
  12. Yeah I love the's really cute. I guess for me, since I have the reporter, the bowler is too similar of a shape so I prefer the bucket.
    And I think she might have meant black on pink..I've never heard of pink on pink.
  13. oops..yes i ment black cc with pink bag! sorry for the confusion. I am having trouble deciding....i should return one because they are both pink, i just cant decide
  14. I personally wouldn't have 2 pink bags, I love totes, so my vote goes for the bucket. But if you can, keep both. You can always sell one on e-bay later. Since they are discontinuing the Cambon line, you may wind up getting more than you paid for it.
  15. If you love pink, keep them both!
    If you don't and want a variety, choose the one that most fits your lifestyle and return the other one! :smile: