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  1. I cant decide between the panda cles or the speedy cruise line key chian to use a bag charm for my LV bags. Currently i have both on hold. I can only afford to buy one.....What do you pf friends suggest?:yes:
  2. I don't have either but both are lovely! The Panda on Mono bags and the Speedy on anything!
  3. i have the panda... i :heart: it. :love:
  4. The thing that I don't like about the panda is that it tans.. I kind of prefer the inclusion speedy charms because of that !
  5. Panda!!!
  6. Panda:heart:
  7. speedy cruise line keychain
  8. speedy, not a big panda fan at all
  9. Panda!
  10. I wouldn't worry about the patina on the panda keychain..I've never put mine away and even after having it for about a year and a half, it's only SLIGHTLY darker than when I first got it.
    But I think I'd go with the panda first..
  11. panda
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