GREATEST parenting accomplishment...AND ONE THING U WOULD NEVER DO AGAIN!lol!

  1. SO .... we all know parenting is like a never ending soap opera.It has its drama and also the most amazing times as well...:tup::nuts:

    I thought it would be fun to do a parenting thread on your greatest parenting faux pas as a parent too!(U all know we have all slapped our heads at one time and thought...wth was i thinking...hehehe!):sweatdrop::push:
    Ill go first...

    greatest accomplishment.....

    Taylor....I have the sweetest most brilliant daughter ever...
    putting her in an amazing private school this year actually even made her a better person and ive never seen her was the best decision I ever made and also the best money I ever spent.

    my biggest mistake..or regret......
    allowing my older 17 yr old daughter to stay with my MOM for a short time..(dont ask...LOL!)....which has turned into something to bite me in the as*.....:wtf:....she then returned with a 30 yr old boyfriend....sigh...again..dont ask.

    lets hear your parenting stories..THIS oughtta be good!!!what we can learn from one another !!!!
  2. OK, I'll play-LOL!

    Greatest accomplishment would be what nice, friendly well adjusted men my sons are.

    Especially now that my oldest is 20-he is a good man. Sweet, intelligent, caring, passionate. One of my proudest moments was at his high school graduation. Hubby and I were sitting behind a group of teenage girls when my son was called up on the stage and the girls in front of us could hear me yelling his name-LOL! they turned around and asked if we were his parents and when we said yes, 3 of them said, "Oh we love Justin, he is so nice, and always a gentleman". I thought that was a major compliment coming from teen girls.

    The 7 year old still has a ways to go-lol. but, he is a friendly outgoing, fearless little boy-i think I did that.

    What would I never do again? Hmm, i tend to yell more than I need to and I am sure that has had an effect on them. And, I obsess over things that really don't matter in the end.
  3. i know this is really old.. but it would be nice to see what others think too.. best adn worst things? we could all learn from eachother
  4. My two older kids going and hopefully graduating soon. One is going to be a dietician and the other an engineer.

    Not making my older daughter do chores and being responsible with domestic details. She is not a very clean person. The maid can't come to her to clean her mess up any more. If I would have to do over again. I would make sure my kids did chores and domestic things.
  5. biggest accomplishment with DD: She says please and thank you w/out prompting. She's three.
    Biggest accomlishment wiht DSS: he is caring, kind and incredibly accepting of other people's differences.


    DD- I wish I'd emphised her listen better when she was younger, but she is 3, so we have time.

    DSS: wish i'd insisted her do more chores, etc around the house when he was younger.
  6. My greatest acomplishment so that I have very nice kids. No name calling, talking about friends, bullying, etc...

    I wish that I had never....spanked my kids! Took me 3 children to figure out that it was not the way to go about discipline (for me!).
  7. I can say that the biggest acomplisment is that my oldest daughter Hailey started reading at 5 and is on the honor roll and the teachers want to advance her a grade but I am afraid she will fail if I do.

    My daughter Sydney learning to write at 3 years old and spelling her name at 2
    she is 5 now and is starting to read sight words so that is good and she is also on the honor roll

    My 9 month old has the vocabulary of an 18 month old

    My regrets or shameful mommy moments is that during my divorce from my first marraige I was very detached from my kids. but I am in a better place and I fixed that problem real quick.
  8. My biggest accomplisment; just well mannered, polite children. I am so proud; they are caring and empathetic, thoughtful and well spoken, non judgemental and understanding.

    My biggest regret; letting my eldest son change from honors classes to regular classes. From third grade, he was in GATE (gifted and talented education), when he hit 7th grade he was getting B's and C's. His counselor recommend taking him out of honors, so he could get A's and B's...sounds logical, but I quickly found, he was the type to do just what it took to squeek by...and still got B's and C's...and then it was too late to get him back to honors. With #2, the same pattern happened (in GATE in 3rd grade, tried to switch at 7th)...but I held my ground and said, "Absolutely not!!", I had a serious talk with him and told him, I 'knew' he could do better...he rose to the challenge and is now in honors in high school and still getting A's and B' basically...Don't let them take the easy way!
  9. i love this thread it just shows a personal insight to people and thier kids i think