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  1. So I'm in Subway a few days ago and I ran in with my wallet to grab a quick sandwhich. The subway guy makes my order then takes off his gloves to ring me up. I start opening up my wallet to get $, when he asks me what kind of wallet it is. I said Louis Vuitton. Then he asked me how much is was. And I said "four fifty". Here's the BEST part; in the most genuine, honest way he replied "four dollars and fifty cents?", and as I just stared at him thinking what to say, he continued "Oh, I want one that just says Louis on it, you know, like across it". That was it. I couldn't say anything else. Where would have I begun to explain?? But hilarious! :nuts: :nuts:
  2. hahaa! great story. i would've been so uncomfortable telling him the price though, I hate sharing prices, even if it's with family!
  3. i agree, i think its more out of shame than anything....its a never-ending mental battle with myself over my purse obsession and my sanity with spending oodles of money on a bag! :wacko:
  4. Me too! If people knew I just spent $535 on a koala wallet, they'd flip!
  5. What a funny story :lol: I hate it when people ask how much my purses and wallets are. I feel that I have to justify why I spent so much on them. :shame:
  6. Poor guy! You should tell him there are men wallets for around $200. Poor guy, how cute!
  7. I have no problem saying how much my things are. Who cares? The way I look at it is, OK, it's MY money, and this is what I like to spend it on. If people as me prices, I'm honest. I would say the same if it was a piece I got on sale at Target. I'm all about spreading deals, or recommending great accessories, and also, feeling good in the bags I purchase.
    So ladies, no need to feel bad. Be proud of your choice and good taste. If people have a problem with it, just reply by asking why they're so upset, it's not like your spending their money!!
  8. What a cute story!!
  9. LOL. What a cute guy. He obviously needs LV 101 from this forum !!
  10. Bless! thats really cute, and it made me laugh too :biggrin:
  11. That's a funny story, I guess I will be speechless too if that happened to me =)
  12. Ha! Can we say awkward??!! I would have said, "more than this sub!" :lol:
  13. That's one funny story.
  14. Awww....he's so cute! Little sandwich man....
  15. haha...$4.50!! Only in a perfect world:love:
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