Greatest, bestest, most awesome video(s) I ever seen

  1. I am sure many of you have seen it already, but for those who haven't (like me an hour ago), I decided to post it.

    Part One

    Part Two

    His site!

    Those videos just make me feel good! :cool:
  2. How funny! See, white men can dance :lol: Spread the global love:heart:
  3. LOL I like it when he dances in the bushes in Uganda :lol:
  4. ME TOO!!
    Thanks for the smile Vlad!
  5. I've never seen those before and they made me laugh. Those were great thanks Vlad!!
  6. I can't stop smiling!!! Damn you Matt!
  7. WOW. I was able to watch Part One and His Site- but not Part Two for some reason.

    Where did you find this? These are fabulous because his idea is so simple yet so complex, because you can see how vastly different our world is- yet we are basically the same at heart. (I'm not trying to sound corny now, but it's true!)

    These videos put a smile on my face today. Thank you for so much for sharing!!:flowers:
  8. Thanks Vlad for sharing. I love his website and I will probably spend hours reading his blog!
  9. His site has the second part of the video as well. Try there.
  10. Thanks so much for sharing these! They made me so happy!
  11. That video always put a smile on my face, and my daugters get a big kick from it- thanks for sharing
  12. Happy happy joy joy! Thanks!
  13. That guy is so funny!:lol: