Greatest American Dog

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  1. #1 Aug 6, 2008
    Last edited: Aug 6, 2008
    I did a search, and can't find anything on this- I am I the only one on this forum that watches this show?

    Bill and Star rule!!!!!!!!!

    This is my own little Brittany, Sam. As you can see, he has a rough life.

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  2. LOL. I watch this show from time to time too. It's cute.
  3. I actually caught a bit of this show the other tonight--the humans and dogs were doing dance routines. To be honest I got very emotional watching those sweet dogs, they are so loyal, obedient and anxious to please. It was really quite touching.
  4. I am LOVING this show!! So far I've been pretty pleased with who has gotten kicked off the show. Although I didn't think Tillman (bulldog) should have gotten the axe last week.

    I love Bill/Star too! I swear that man is so sweet and sensitive. He makes me tear up almost every week!

    And even though JD is kinda obnoxious, his dog is soooo good. I could see them winning.
  5. I love this show, I watch it with my mom when I visit her on weekends as we're both dog lovers.

    I love Bill and Star, but my favorite OWNER is definitely Travis. He's so hot and so SWEET!
  6. I watch this show, too, but mainly because I have a dog and there's not much else on in that time slot (just before PR, right?) :smile:

    Anyway, I spend most of the time while it's on trying to get MY DOG to stop jumping on the TV and barking. SHEESH.
  7. My husband calls at 8:00 just in time for the program to start and we put our phones on speaker so that we can watch the show together as a family, with my two boys - Travis and Shep.

    Personally, I was not crazy about Tillman being kicked off and last weeks winner was a mistake. Even though JD (the guy who did that hip hop dance?) is not the best character, but I thought their dance routine was the best and way better then Laurie and Andrew.

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  8. ^^Awww, look at your sweet babies!!:love:

    I totally agree about Laurie & Andrew. I was surprised they won too.
  9. Someone stopped my DVR halfway through lasts nights show. Anyone know who got kicked off? I'd appreciate it very much.
  10. ^
    Laura and Preston.

    I've been watching this since the beginning. To be honest, while all of the dogs are adorable, I find most of the owners really annoying (and some of them are so mean to their poor dogs at times :sad:). The only owner I like is Bill. He is so sweet to his dog all the time. I hope him and Star end up winning.
  11. ^Thanks, I also like Star and Bill. But Travis and Presley are my favorite's. I'd kinda surprised that Laura got sent home though.
  12. #12 Aug 14, 2008
    Last edited: Aug 14, 2008
    I love this show, and was hoping someone would start a thread on it. I LOVE Bill and Star. If they don't win, I'll be devastated. Can I say how much I hate Beth Joy or whatever the heck her name is (the one with Bella Starlet)?!?!? She drives me insane.

    My favorites, in order, are...

    1. Bill and Star - He's the most precious man ever; I was bawling when he finally got to see pictures of his wife and family.

    2. Laurie and Andrew - I love their relationship. She's an excellent trainer, and Andrew is just too cute for words.

    3. JD and Galaxy - JD reminds me of a very good friend of mine, which is why I like him so much. Galaxy is, in my opinion, the smartest dog on the show. I think they have a very good chance of winning the whole thing.

    4. Travis and Presley - Travis is so cute! I love how he was busting on that nut case, Brandy. Thank God she's gone!

    5. Theresa and Leroy - I was so happy last week when Teresa won, but gave the key to Bill so that he could see photos of his wife. That's was so kind of her.

    Ron and Tillman were awesome; I was VERY bummed when they got sent home! They should have their own TV show!

    I want Beth Joy and Bella Starlet to go home next. I think Beth Joy is just as annoying as Brandy was!:tdown:
  13. Star and Bill rock! I am totally rooting for them to win. I was sorry to see Preston go. Few breeds are as instantly endearing as the Intellectually Challenged Pomeranian, and Preston is the first one I have ever seen with a lion cut. It took some time to get used to, but I had really started to appreciate him as a sort of standard-bearer for fashion-forward Intellectually Challenged Pomeranians everywhere, and now he's gone.

    I thought the boxer did the best painting, but I didn't think that Preston's sucked that bad. I thought it was kind of pretty, and I really liked the color pallette he chose. Too bad the judges are not sophisticated enough to understand an abstract representation of a heart.

    Andrew's painting was kind of lame, but I think he just made the mistake of over-delegating, and in his case I can't really fault him for that, his human is so dour that he was probably just glad to see her working with bright colors and doing something fun. I am almost sure I saw her smile.
  14. I cant STAND Beth JOY!!!!lol....omg,when her dog was crying during the painting part,it was awful!
    I ADORE Bill!!Hope he wins!he is a sweetie!
  15. I know!!! She's annoying..she's the next on that has to be kicked off.

    I love Presley of course!!! TEAM PRESLEY in my house! Rocky looks just like him!