Great Wedges?

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  1. Hi I'm LOVING the two new VP's I got (they are black with burgundy tip and black with red tip in leather). I know it's a little rediculous that I bought two of the same shoe with slightly different tips!! :smile: I am really over flip flops for casual and am looking for a GREAT pair of wedges! Does anyone have any hints for me??? I can't seem to find anything?? I'd like something pretty neutral! Thank you!
  2. Fully Prive...but for espadrille, I'd go for the Mallorca! Your Very Prive pairs sounds fabulous -- congrats!
  3. I have the cataribbon ... the only wedge I still love.
  4. I looked those up on yahoo and they popped up on Saks and I love them!! But they are unavailable, do you know anywhere that has them?
  5. ^ I'd check eBay.
  6. Cataribbons for sure! :tup:

    As you can tell, I love them :shame:

  7. Ugh I'm so jealous of your Cataribbon collection, hmwe!! They are so, so cute.
  8. I haven't seen the cataribbons anywhere except ebay recently, but bluefly just got in the tiburons in several colors - they're just like the cataribbons but without the front platform.
  9. peanut wedges! super comfy...or miminettes...or miss boxe (or is it mrs boxe?)
  10. Thanks Daisy!!

    Another gal just recently posted a link to this season's Cataribbons - lemme see if I can dig that up :yes:
  11. I just found out that the One&Only Resort limited edition ones are completely sold out. I'm so sad! I really wanted a pair.

    I also really recommend the Mallorca again, because they are very comfortable and they don't fall off. There's more support for your foot than the Cataribbon has.
  12. Oh that was the name I was thinking of :yes:

    Sold out :sad: Bummer!!!
  13. I know! I just found out. So sad. *tear*