great way to purchase a new Chanel bag

  1. Inspired by oreocat's fabulous story, I concluded that the best way to buy a new Chanel is by going to Sak's gift card events. Get $300 and apply it towards your next purchase on the next gift card event and get a new card. Round and round it goes. Maybe this is not news to you smart ladies but I just figured it out. I felt so dumb:nuts: Or by the way, what are the cons for doing that? any cons except that you tend to spend more and more for more cards?
  2. This is exactly what I always plan to do, but the things I want are never in stock for this event!! I try and try to time things right.......
  3. yeah, in order for it to work, you have to find the items you want prior to the event, and have your SA hold it for you, if not, then you're out of luck, and there're certain pieces that nm or the boutiques carry Saks doesn't. so it doesn't always work out so perfectly
  4. How much do you have to spend to get the GC's?
  5. The con is that if you don't pay off your credit card at the end of the month or within a couple of months you'll end up spending more in interest ... more than the gift card is worth. The interest on a Saks CC is like 23%! I save more in the long run buying from Nordstrom.

    Now if you pay cash the above doesn't apply... :biggrin:
  6. But saks take all kinds of CC, I don't have to use Saks CC to buy in there. and as long as you pay off everything on your cc then I think that will really be a good deal.

    But I can never take advantage of the event anyway, they never have the bag I want. Bags I want usualy require waitlist, which means they usually don't show up on that one day when EGC takes place.
  7. I guess I oversimplified this. The strategy works in concept not in reality if you want something in particular. I would be very happy if it works once a year :yahoo:
  8. My timing is always off for the event- I always had just purchased something or am waiting on something or they don't have what I want. I will take advantage of it one day/get my timing right- I swear lol!
  9. If I but from Saks I have pay tax, so I do NM. I would love to cash in on the gift card events :sad:
  10. ^depends which saks. If you order from out of state saks, most likely you WONT be charged tax because of the weird tax laws saks has going. I live in CA and have a saks near by...i order from alot of out of state saks and am never charged tax.
  11. Also, something to keep in mind with this is that I've noticed that with some of the GC events that they have, the card also must be used within a certain number of days after it's been issued.

    I think the GC event is great either way if you're going to buy a bag to begin with b/c at least you could put it towards something, but it's still something to think about when it comes to bags.
  12. I don't know if this is common at all Saks, but mine gets a HUGE shipment 1-2 days before the GC event. They had bags everywhere on Thursday. While I was at the counter paying, box after box after box w/CHANEL on it was being carried out of the boutique; some had 3-4 boxes. It was amazing. PLUS, the # of people who don't come in to pick up their holds is incredible. Now, if your store doesn't have the purse you want, but they find it via the locator, you still get your GC for the appropriate amount. Plus, if you have a SA you work with, give them your GC and right before closing, if any of the bags you want (which were being held) have not sold, they can ring it up for you send it or hold it and you still get your next GC. This is how I wound up with the only Red Caviar Jumbo; the woman never should up after being called 6 times! Anyway, I love using my GC on another Chanel! :heart: :yes:
  13. i'm not that familiar with the EGC events (this past Thursday was my first one). How often do they occur? I don't know what to spend my card on since the Chanel selection is limited at my SAKS...though I saw a baby cabas box on the floor and was wondering if it was on hold...
  14. cjj, do you mind sharing which saks you were referring to in your post? mine here doesn't seem to get huge shipments before the event. thanks!
  15. How does that program work and is it over already?