Great way to clean Nylon Pradas...

  1. My favorite white nylon hobo was starting to look dirty from being dragged all over the place so I tried cleaning it today. I tried to spot clean with shout and hairspray at first but it didn't work too well. So then I read that using Woolite works with cleaning canvas so I decided to give it a go. I covered the handle with towel and taped it and taped up all the leather trim. Then I filled up the sink with lukewarm water and a little bit of Woolite and soaked the bag for like 5 minutes and gently rubbed it to get it clean. Then I rinsed it about two times and let it dry. And Voila! Prada bag looks BRAND NEW! I'm so excited :nuts:
  2. I don't have any nylon pradas but thanks for the tip! I might try that with some other stuff or in the future with a nylon.
  3. Great tip! Thanks!:tup:
  4. GREAT tip!!!! Thanx for posting!!
  5. Awesome!
    Curious tho- what is the use of hair spray as a cleaner? Never tried that and didnt know it had a good purpose on bags?! Would love to know the hints.
  6. Hi Sparkles, thanks for sharing! I just have concern over my white Nylon Gauffre. Hardly dare to use it as I fear so much that it'll get dirty and I won't be able to clean it. This is truly great tips! :tup:
  7. thanks, i'll try it with my prada backpack.
  8. That's great advice about the nylon Pradas. I've just bought two black ones. Thanks for the tip!