Great wallet suggestions?

  1. I'm trying to curb my spending (:shame:smile:, but I need a small wallet. Most likely I'm not going to buy this anytime soon (spent money on conferences :sweatdrop:), so I am still doing some thought and research for this...

    Does anyone have any good recommendations for a small wallet that will last a lifetime? I have the Louis Vuitton Monogram zippy wallet which is about 8 x 4 inches, but I need something a little smaller than that when I go out. I'm not wallet crazy, so I don't need a ton of them; I would rather have 2 that I don't have to worry about for several years...I hate changing wallets and I've had a lot in the past that would break down on me.

    I know LV makes some great ones...but if someone knows of a good wallet cheaper than LV, please let me know. TIA!!! :tup:
  2. anyone...? :confused1:
  3. You could check out Coach. Their wallets can take a beating and are way less than LV.
  4. Thanks! I've wondered about the Coach wallets...unfortunately, the last time I was at the outlet, there were a lot of nice ones but they were either too big or kinda banged up. :s

    And for Dooney...most of the wallets they had available at the outlet were the jacquard fabric ones, and I didn't want those. Gah!

    I was also thinking about Burberry, but I heard their wallets weren't very durable...Prada has some nice leather ones that are a fraction of LV wallets (and some are priced around some nice Coach wallets), but again, I don't know the durability of Prada wallets, either...and I don't want to spend a fortune on something that isn't durable.

    This is so hard! :sad:
  5. If you don't care about the brand name, Fossil wallets last forever in my experience. I've have two that I carried for years that still look brand new.
  6. i like ted baker...that'swhere my wallet is from and i love it
  7. i have a nice fendi wallet i purchased on eBay for $150 and it's in black with the f's and very chic
  8. LOL, it doesn't have to be brand name. I just need a wallet that lasts! :lol: I had a hello kitty wallet I used for years, but was in such poor I used random other wallets (all of which got dingy over a couple months of use) until I got my first LV tresor wallet a year and a half ago.
  9. You can get some cute Marc Jacobs or MBYMJ wallets that aren't that expensive.
  10. Well, my suggestion is not cheaper than LV, I wanted to suggest the Chanel cambon compact wallet, maybe you could find a preloved one. It's great in my opinion, the perfect size!! :tup:
  11. If you want a wallet that will last you, definitely do NOT get a Burberry.. I've had mine for a little over a year and it is starting to fall apart! looks like I've used it for five years lol

  12. Believe it or not, I had a tough time finding a classic smaller wallet that would hold up. So let me recommend a trip to Loehman's. My sister found a classic black leather wallet with some gold studs (not obnoxious) by Betsey Johnson. I am sure it was under $100.
  13. Drop by the coach outlet sometime. they have a bunch of new leather wallets that aren't sold in the botiques. I just got a chelsea zip for $75. Its about 4x5" and tons of room its amazing, I didn't know I could stick so much into such a small amount of space! haha
  14. I recommend Monsac or Coach

    This is the only Monsac one that was smaller - its about 4.75" x 4.5" I love how, even though its small, it still has a ton of credit card slots[​IMG]

    These are my two favorite Coach wallets right now:[​IMG]
  15. You might try Hayden Harnett or I agree Fossil wallets do last forever!