Great Tod's bag for summer!

  1. I like the Luella, but think the Tod's is also a beautiful bag that will have more staying power.
  2. Tods is a vote from me. Love their leather!
  3. tod's look so nice... the luella is too busy and the fendi is just... i don't know too ordinary and akwardly shaped... and plus leather is always better than fabric.

    so the tods is the best +)
  4. I like the Tod's! it looks really nice a fresh...! :smile: Good luck with what you decide!
  5. i also like the tods! i love the stitching detail on the sides
  6. like the tod's and the fendi. The luella looks like it's got to much going on.
  7. Luella it's so different looking and looks like spring.
  8. I like Tod. It simple, elegant and of course the leather just beautiful!
  9. I love Tod's bags. This is simple and the color is very nice!
  10. def tods.
  11. I prefer the Tod's but I think their outlet price for this bag is too high. I seen cheaper ones at the Tod's outlet.
  12. tod's!!!!!
    i have the same one and it is fantastic!!