Great tips from P'fers

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    1. Use pillowcases for slipcovers if your bag doesn't have one.

    2. Use babywipes very lightly to clean vachetta

    3. Keep Vernis out of sun

    4. Use non-acetone nail polish (at your own risk) to remove minor scuffs from vernis.

    5. Use filofax plastic inserts to turn agendas into little wallets

    Feel free to add to the list for helpful hints on keeping your LV fab.

    6. Use it, it doesn't like to be all alone in the closet. :lol:
  2. Great tips! I've used saddle soap to remove water spots and even out "uneven" patina.
  3. *Use a dehumidifier like DampRid to take the excess moisture out of your closet to prevent mold (oh, the horror...ugh!)
    *Always cover your LV treasures (or any other designer) when you're not using your bag
    *Never overload your LV--nothing looks worse than a stuffed bag, and it is one very fast way to age your LV baby
    *Careful when using sunscreen, self tanner, tinted lotions/oils/makeup, or even shimmer powders when carrying your LV on your arm. These things can transfer into the leather and even stain your item (sunscreen is also pretty powerful at eating off the labels of your lipglosses, labels, etc. I've discovered!)
    *Stuff your LV's that you don't want crushed when you store them
    *Keep all your Lv's out of the sun/extreme heat for prolonged periods of time
  4. I love #6 Veronika!!
  5. my staple: use Shining Monkey to protect the new vachetta from dirt and water spots, and to delay the patina process :nuts:
  6. MUST try the shining monkey (besides, I love the name)... and, I definately trust Sandra (?) on that!

    Stuff bags with clean soft tee shirts to retain shape as stated by vuittonhammie,,, also some great tips in that one... THANKS!
  7. Also, keep the little salt packs (or whatever they are) to rid excess moisture whenever you buy a new bag and use them when you store your precious LV!
  8. always wash your hands before touching the untreated leather ( I forgot once and I just went tanning, not my keepall 50 has spots on the handles:sad: )
  9. Great idea Veronika!!

    Use a white eraser on vachetta to take marks off. It doesn't work on everything but it's a good place to start.
  10. Forgot about the eraser! GOOD ONE!
  11. Use an eraser to clean or shine up ur zipper
  12. WARNING: even though Shining Monkey works like a charm for me, it may not for others

    and for people who buy from eLuxury, stuff your bags with the air pillows that come in the shipping box. they work really well because T-shirts can be smushed in, but the air pillows retain their shape.
  13. ahhhh, I kept the air pillow in my Brentwood from Neiman Marcus Las Vegas. Now, REALLY glad I did. Thanks!
  14. Use an eraser to clean or shine up ur zipper
  15. Use toothpaste to clean the padlocks, and to make them shiny again. :yes: