Great timing (not)

  1. I finally caved and made an appt with a Seattle fertility clinic. I don't go in until January 10th. I figured I need to just make the appt so I am motivated toward being more proactive. But it still kind of sucked. It has been two years and I am about to turn 35. Time to just give in I guess. Even though I could still conceive this weekend, but you know, I am at this point resigned to failure (still trying though of course -- I had the perfect cervical fluid for the past two days).

    Anyway, ten minutes after I get off the phone, husband walks in to tell me that a couple we know had their baby yesterday.

    "Oh," I said. "Good for them." Blank stare.

    I feel like an a-hole but even though they have been friends of ours for years, I cannot muster up any happiness for them. Sorry. I just don't feel anything.
  2. ((((HUGS))))J to you jane... I know it must be difficult. I'm 35 as well and it's over 3 1/2 years for DH and I. I went for a 2nd opinion last week at a Philadelphia Clinic. Now we have to decide if want to go through everything again. It's ok to feel what you're feeling. Don't feel like an ahole.. Anyone would understand. We're all here for you.
  3. Thanks. Well, for the first time, I am checking my CF (I don't know why I waited this long). I have had three consecutive days of "egg white", and have acted accordingly ;)

    So really there isn't much more I can do! I think I might ovulate tomorrow.