GREAT time yesterday with another pfer!

  1. I hope she doesn't get embarrassed by my posting this, but I went shopping yesterday with Peace43 yesterday at SCP. We had such a good time (she brought her Mezzo while I brought my Noe...I'm FINALLY using it :lol:)! We first headed to the Louis Vuitton wasn't that busy when we got there. The SAs were actually very nice (usually I am a little hesitant at that particular boutique, but I haven't been there in a while, soooo...); I was debating on whether or not I should buy the mono zippy wallet. When the SA took it out for me, I fell in lvoe...I've been wanting this wallet for soooooooooo long and I was planning on buying it for my birthday last May, but I got laid off so I never got around to doing it. :crybaby: I finally got to see the Amarante, which is pretty, but when I looked closely at the wallet, I didn't like how there were fingerprints all over it! I decided to pass on the zippy wallet for now, and we went out to lunch. Afterwards, we headed to other places like Coach and Bloomies (very nice but tiny LV boutique). I got to see some mini pleatys IRL at the Bloomingdale's LV counter; they're very cute, actually! And I really like the Hampstead totes (REALLY big)...I was actually a little disappointed with the Saleyas now that I think about it, but it's still a nice style. We also went to the Saks LV counter. The Damier Chelsea is GORGEOUS and now I want it again! That will have to wait, though. We got to peek at the look-books, too! They also had this BIG Nimbus there...I didn't really like it, actually. :sad:

    A little later, we went to Godiva for a couple chocolates (thank you, again Peace). I couldn't stop looking at her cute wapity...I think I want one now! It's actually slightly bigger than I thought it was going to be. I also felt that the zippy was still on my mind, so we headed to the boutique again right after we sat down and chatted. After some small talk and persuasion...I BOUGHT MY ZIPPY! :yahoo:I was so elated that I bought it finally after lusting after it for months...and the SA who rang me up was very polite...



    We also went into Hermes (interesting, saw a HUGE birkin in the front of the store), Chanel, Tiffany's, and Gucci. There were several ladies sporting LV bags and shopping bags around the mall, including a mono Sophie and a white Suhali Le Fab(? Not sure on this one as I'm not too keen with the Suhali line). I also got to see the Mini Noe (very cute), both Mini Lin Noes (which are actually very beautiful), the pomme Pegase (pretty small IMO), and epi bags (I got to touch one...I've never held epi in my hands before :shame:smile:. I tried on some very nice LV sunglasses (the West frames fit me pretty well, actually :tup:) and some some of the shoes (sorry, I'm not really a shoe/jewelry person, and yes, I know I'm strange!). At the end of the day, we hugged each other goodbye...I had such a good time, and I can't wait to do this, again!

    Anyway, just thought I'd share since I haven't posted a thread here in a while...I think this might be one of my last LV purchases for a while as I'll be busy with school this fall. I'm usually not the type of person who will come and meet people up from the internet, but this experience was really great! I wouldn't hesitate doing something like this later on!
  2. sounds like a great day I love how everyone is getting to know one another better lately!
  3. Wow sounded like you had a great day!
    I love the Zippy wallets!
    Congrats !!!!
  4. Great story! Glad you guys had fun and congrats on your purchases!!
  5. ^Thanks, all! I think this forum is great for that reason! :yes:

    I forgot to mention I got to peek inside some other bags like the Cabas Piano (nice size for me everyday since it's pretty small-medium), neo denim speedy (larger than I expected), BH (not bad, but I'm still not in LVoe with it) and the saleya. The luggage was pretty cool to look at...the waterproof keepall looked interesting. The fersen is HUGE, I didn't think it was that bad, though.
  6. congrats on a great day!!!! your wallet is very nice, it sounds like you guys had a blast.
  7. Sounds like you had a nice time, and a great wallet to boot....Congrats!!!!!
  8. Love your wallet! Great choice!
  9. sounds like you guys had a blast. great purchase. congrats
  10. Love your new zippy!!! I want one of those so bad. Congrats!
  11. Congrats on your new wallet... Sounds like you had a great time.
  12. Aww, you guys are so sweet! Thank you! :heart:

    Texas Girl - you should definitely buy one. :yes: It's really such a functional wallet. I can see all my bills now and my credit my wallet is no longer bulky when I have a lot of change! It's well worth the price, IMO...
  13. Sounds like so much fun! It's great to take a lot of time to relax and go shopping for the day.
  14. Congrats :nuts: Happy to hear you had a fun day :heart:
  15. Sounds like lots of fun. Congrats on your wallet.