Great time to buy bbags from NM!

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  1. Even though I had my very icky incident w/ NM, I am still lovin' the rewards program. Starting tomorrow (4-13 thru 4-15) NM is having double rewards for using your NM card. I just ordered my black city (SA is billing tomorrow) from Palm Beach (HIs name is J.J.) and I am getting an extra 1,000 points for pre ordering! I love the incircle program. If you pay it off right away, you get the best deal.
  2. Yeah, I bought a ruby ring at NM and I got double points so I got a gift card worth like $1,500. (You can get gift cards in lieu of one of their rewards, in case you didn't know).

  3. That's great! I can't wait to see your black city. J.J. is the SA I use at Palm Beach. Congrats!
  4. Really?!?!?! How do you request that? Does it mention that on the NM website?
  5. I don't if the website is advertising double points, maybe tomorrow it will. I have received the gift cards instead of the other options. It is FANTASTIC! This is a great time to shop because you earn a giftcard towards your next bbag purchase or whatever you want!

    Cracker- J.J. is wonderful, isn't he? He told me that he'll have info for me tomorrow also on the new Violet! Yeah!
  6. Thanks for the info. Will definitely stop by my local NM.:yes:
  7. Sasha..I love to shop at NM and usually I use Amex ..
    Can you tell me if you get double point buying b-bag
    Ex) 5000 pts = $ of gift card?
    how much you get back in gift card ?
  8. I wish I had known that before... Do you just have to ask the SA to set up the gift card for you?
  9. I think you have to have the NM credit card - then you get points in InCircle - I usually redeem points online for a giftcard, which takes 3-4 weeks to get in the mail. It's not an instant process usually, but worth it. 5000 points just gets you a $125 gift card, that's why it's great to buy your bag on a double points day, you get there pretty fast. That must have been a really fab ruby ring!!
  10. Wow! That sounds amazing! Is there a good NM carrying Bbags in the LA region??? :sos: My sis-in-law lives in Pasadena and could help me out to open an NM account. I guess they want you to have a US billing address?
  11. To purchase your b-bag, you can call any NM and ask the SA to open the NM card for your sister.
  12. Thanks for the info. This is definitely good to know.