Great time at Charlotte Hermès - A Birkin was purchased!

  1. A friend and I took a day trip to the Charlotte Hermès boutique today. It was our first visit to "land of the H". It is a great store with really nice people working there. I even got to meet tPF member MLJones who took a picture of my friend and me along with the two SAs!

    My friend had come with me because I wanted to buy some H accessories and she ended up with a Birkin... her first H purchase ever!

    Here's how it happened.... I was looking at wallets and chose a gorgeous orange Dogon. I looked at the Bearns and while it is a beautiful wallet, the style just wasn't for me because I need a lot of room. The Dogon is exactly what I wanted! I also got a little orange (the fruit and the color) leather purse charm (see avatar!). I got a blue jean agenda but I'm going to exchange it for the vert anis color, which BTW is killer gorgeous!

    So after I finished with my purchase, my friend was asking some general questions about the Kelly, but the SA felt she would like the roominess of a Birkin better based on all the stuff she carries in her purse. So, he went in the back and came out with a big orange box containing a beautiful black vachee liegee 35 cm Birkin with gold HW. How could she possibly resist this! We accessorized it with a perfect pocket square in the Eifel Tower pattern in reds, blacks, yellows.

    If anyone is even close to Charlotte, I recommend going for a visit. It has lots of southern charm! BTW, our SA, Darra, is a tPF member!

    Jason (SA), me, my friend, and Darra (SA)
  2. Congrats! Sounds like fun! I'm glad you had a good time!
  3. What fun and great buys! And OMG your friend scored a beautiful birkin - congrats to her!!!
  4. hey kallie girl! i was expecting to see a pic and a thread. congrats to your friend, she wears her birkin well :smile:

    i was there later this afternoon and heard about your visit. glad you had a great time! they ARE nice!

    while i was there, i had my birkin up near the cash register. a group of folks walked in and one lady went up to my bag and groped the corner! she squeezed it! i was like OH HELL TO THE NO! but, that's what i get for leaving it unattended i suppose :yes: Jason, the first SA in the pic, said he thought i was gonna rush her :p
  5. Sounds like a great trip! Glad it was fun and your friend really scored!!! Nice pic also...
  6. wow, my photography skills are better than I thought.
  7. Very cool - great scores and a beautiful picture! Congratulations! :yahoo:
  8. What a great day you guys had!!congrats to your friend on the beautiful birkin.
  9. what a wonderful day!!! this was so nice of you to share with us. your friend sounds like a fun spontaneous (that's an understatement) person. how is she liking her new birkin? gorgeous combo. i love your brown and oranges together. the vert anis will really look terrific in there too. mouth-watering.

    (i am surprised that SAs are so terrific about allowing pictures in the store. for some reason i assumed it would be frowned upon so i'm so glad it's not as i enjoy seeing all you members in action, really in action!)
  10. Thanks, HiHeels. The SAs are actually the ones who suggested the picture, took it with their camera and emailed the pic to me!! That was so nice of them!!:yes:
  11. That's it!!!!! The SA's are finally outer the closet!!!!!!

    How long will this last? I hope more and more SA's come forward. We don't want anything from you, just knowledge!!!!

    Hum,... You know Jason isn't bad looking at all,.....
  12. Thank you for sharing your happy day w/ us! You all look fab!
    Great picture MLJones!
  13. i am blown away!
    THAT is southern hospitality, i can tell you that much. honestly, you can tell they're happy for you both! i love it! this is how it should always be: instant gratification, wonderful service, happy customers!
  14. Wonderful trip! Kallie your avatar is lookin' good!
    And what a great surprise for your friend.
    And Jason is good looking in a metro kinda way.
  15. Great story....I loved it! And your picture.....and your Dogon and fruit charm....yummy! Your friend's Birkin was a nice surprise. What a great day for you and your story certainly made me smile!!