Great Stock at NM in Troy!

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  1. My SA, Lisa Hamlin, from NM in Troy, MI just sent me some great pics because they just received a shipment of some great bags.

    Call her if you are interested (248) 635-8442!

    The pics she sent me are of the following bags:

    Chanel Blue Diagonal CC Tote $3450 (they also have white and in some other sizes, especially the hot little pouchette style which I might have to get:heart:)
    Bronze Python Hobo $5840
    Denim CoCoCabas $1295 (cannot believe this is still there)
    Silver/White Paris Biarritz $1475

    P4150001.JPG P4150002.JPG P4150003.JPG P4150004.JPG P4150005.JPG
  2. One more pic!
  3. nice!!!! Thanks for sharing!!!
  4. Forgot to mention, the Chanel Blue Diagonal CC Tote is absolutely gorgeous in the blue! The picture does not do it justice, and it is super hot in white.
  5. that bronze hobo is TDF. i am literally drooling...
  6. thanks jag....holy heck that bronze hobo is amazing!!!:drool: :love:
  7. Thanks for posting jag!
  8. Thanks Jag, the first one is tdf!
  9. They are gorgeous!! But where is my Red Caviar Jumbo??????????
  10. ^^^Did you call Lisa about that?
  11. BTW- i LOVE your doggy! :love:
  12. Oh, I've been bugging her to death for the last 2 months!!
    I was there last Saturday, and ended up buying a denim cabas!

  13. lol.. u did the same thing while waiting for your denim speedy too :roflmfao:

    put on some self control!! :p haha
  14. What time were you there? I was there with my son around 12/1pm!:nuts:
  15. WOW, I was there a little after 1p.m...... too bad we missed each other!