Great Start Of The Week!!

  1. I was going to post my new goodies from SH on the collections thread (I still will.. if you guys want) but I know that a few of us are getting some things in today so, I made a thread!!

    Hooray for the brown stork!! :yahoo:
    2nd Gen OP Bambinone - with ALL 3 cactus friends on the front!! :greengrin:

    I'm glad Sandy's on the back.. I didnt want a back full of tulips!

    And another Sandy...

    And another one.. hehe I like the FULL body Sandy.. Ohhh and the white bunny :graucho:
  2. I had to RUSH home to make sure I was there when UPS came.. didnt want them leaving my package at the door unattended again!! :push:

    My second Bambinone!!
    Purple haired girl with the monkey!! :heart:

    I was quite amazed with the back.. it has ALL of the pirate girls on them!! Even though I dont like ALL of them.. its still nice to see them together

    Mermaid, kitty, monkey, and sharks!! All on the side! :nuts:
  3. Oo:huh::huh: very pretty,so jealous!! Both of your bag's placements are awesome dana!! The UPS man didn't make it to my house yet!!!!! LOL.
  4. uh oh no more scotchguard!!
  5. Thanks Jess!! :nuts: Awww I hope he comes soon!! I'm pretty sure they have it!! :greengrin: Post pics here when you do!! :graucho:

    Hahaha yeah Shellie.. we need more Scotchgard!! Where do they have it the cheapest again??
  6. Awesome placement on the bags!!! Congrats!
  7. walmart
  8. OK...I'm waiting quite impatiently at my computer and listening to every car/truck that goes by!!! LOL..I'm such a weirdo. scotchguard good? ahh i just leave my bags how they are, for some reason they dont get dirty? i do clean them with the tide pen when there's lil spots here and there...but that's it haha.
  9. Very nice!:woohoo:
  10. have you guys tried the oxyclean spray? o-o apparently its good for handbags. xD
  11. Yay Dana!!! :yahoo: Your Bambinones are so cute!! Makes me think of getting one again. I just keep on trying them on, but can't quite decide.

    Jess, is that a truck I hear?? Hee hee... hope they come by your side of town soooon!! Post pics too! :tup:
  12. hehehe thanks guys :smile: Wal-mart? Gotcha. gotta check there. (SHELLIE!! Wal-mart!! :graucho:)

    LOL @ Jess SOON SOON SOON!! :greengrin: Hmmm I havent really REALLY tested out Scotchgard.. but I did drip some water on mine and it beaded off!! haha I'm paranoid about water/drink spills.. and I have my Tide pen just in case! :yes:

    Kara, if you're still deciding when our meet comes up, I'll bring one of my bambinones and you can try it on (with stuff inside) and decide! :nuts: hehehe just a suggestion!!
  13. Brown Stork!
  14. Pretty pretty!! I'm liking Pirata more and more... :p

  15. Dana&Kara, no UPS man for me yet :sad: he's still not here and it's 3:30!! AHHH. Sucks. LOL. On a brighter of my SS's stuff came by USPS & so did my bf's Adios Star belt buckle from Janice ^__^