Great-smelling hair products that work great too?

  1. Hi there,

    I'm running out of mousse and am ready to try something new. Can anyone suggest a good mousse for fine hair that has large natural waves? I want the product to accentuate and enhance the wave. The requirement is that it also has to smell nice (and not weigh hair down). :p Any ideas?

  2. I now this isn't very glamourous, but I just grabbed a $5 bottle of Pantene Crunching Mouse and have found it works great! Smells good too.

    I have the tendancy for my hair to go flat with any product in it, but not today!
  3. I use Victorias Secret hair products they smell intoxicating...or at least thats what my husband says!
  4. THE best volumising and best smelling mousse is the Kerastase one- the volumising hair mousse is perfect!!
  5. i love paul mitchell's sculpting foam when i wear my hair naturally wavy. works great and smells like coconuts!
  6. I have naturally wavy/curly hair. I use Carol's Daughter Hair Milk.
  7. Anything by Aveda smells great! I have never been disappointed in any of their products.
  8. Thanks for all the responses! I had no idea Victoria's Secret even made hair products! Will have to go check out these suggestions. THANKS!
  9. I agree with More lv please. Aveda smells wonderful. I am truly addicted to Aveda. Everyone I hug says I smell great!