Great skin, but red tint...

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  1. I am just wondering if I am not alone...

    I have good, clear skin. I rarely break out, and I find myself fortunate because of that.

    But, my skin has a natural red, blotchy tint to it. And I do not like it. It looks better if I tan, but I am smart enough to know that I shouldn't do that anymore.

    So, what do I do? Can I do anything?
  2. Do you have sensitive skin? Is it like rosacea? Or is it just your skin's tint? I have frecklish skin with yellow undertones but my skin tends to look pink when I stand next to someone with an olive skin tone.
  3. I have a huge sensitivity to sun and wind and cold...if I am in the cold, it turns bright red! Or, if I am hot, it turns red...just something that it has always done...

    I don't know what rosacea is?
  4. I also have fair skin that has a tendency to get red blotchy occasionally (wind, weather, heat, exercise, etc..). I don't have rosacea, it's not a permanent condition... rather I just get flushed looking sometimes.

    The best thing I've found is mineral makeup. It neutralizes any blotchiness but looks totally natural. I have clear skin like you and I never tan.

    I resisted trying it at first, because of the informercials. I finally bought some at Sephora. Bare escentuals works great. After that I ordered the one that Leeza Gibbons hawks. Prior to that I had never ordered anything from an informercial, but it works great!
  5. Mario Badescu's Keratoplast and Azulene skincare line is supposed to be good for red, inflamed skin. Also, if you're sensitive to hot and cold, you should be careful with water temp when you shower and wash your face. If you're just looking for a "quick fix," Smashbox makes a green-tinted foundation primer that counteracts redness; I know it sounds weird, but it really does work! The Beauty Bar ladies would probably be able to give you lots of other suggestions! :flowers:

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  6. I have snow-white skin with yellow undertones, but my skin is also sensitive/dry, so it's often red! I try to be gentle, I use Chanel milk cleanser, which requires no water, and extra hydrating moisturizer, so that leaves my skin soft and hydrated. No toner, either! Green tinted concealer works well, but at least for me, calming and hydrating skincare is what helps the most.
  7. I think this is fairly characteristic of pale/fair skin. Do you have pale fair skin? If so, I'm pretty sure it's hereditary. The best and easiest thing to do would be to buy a light tinted moisturises just to give the sheerest coverage to disguise the blotchiness.

    If it's not too much trouble for you, you could also try a light foundation (powder only or one of those "naked" foundations) that really only even out the skin tone and dont provide much more coverage than that.
  8. I have the same problem plus I developed rosecea later on in life from all the flushing. When you have clear, pale skin it is translucent and the blood vessels show through the skin easier- when they get enlarged they cause the blushing and flushing reaction. Minimizing things that cause you to flush can be important since if they continue to enlarge and shrink eventually they can remain permanently enlarged and you will have a permanent redness to deal with. Rosecea has caused this with me and laser removal of those spider veins in my cheeks is the only alternative right now.
    Mineral makeup is good at hiding the redness.
  9. my mom has rosacea and she found that green powder works great at covering it. the green negates the red bc theyre opposite colors
  10. Hey Sunny!

    I don't have any advice for you, but I wanted to say hi!

  11. Does your skin peel too sometimes? It could be due to hot showers and whatever lotions and creams you apply to your face. It happens to me too, I am somewhat pale and my skin becomes blotchy and peely after really hot showers.......
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  13. Ok kids, I am talking my WHOLE body, not just my arms turn all red and blotchy in the sun, in the cold, when I am working out, whenever! I hate it...
  14. Thank you for good topic.
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