GREAT Site! Good deals

  1. they have great deals, and sometimes have designer items. they have some CUTE stuff :biggrin:
    and they update alot, so new stuff offten. I have bought so much there.
  2. All replica bags
  3. Thet are not really being themselves but being oters as its full of fake bags! Not good at all.

    PLease stay away from FAKES!
  4. Actualy they are no longer selling designer bags. I went to order one and they refunded my money saying because of fake bags being sold as real they are stopping selling them. And that all bags are being taken down because of authenticity problems. I emailed them back for more info and they said they have gotten bags that where supposedly real and they where fake. so they no longer will be selling them. But all thier other items are great. They are way helpful. I bought a dress and other stuff there and they are wonderful. Anyway, I got an email saying they are currently updating and to check back and see new items.
  5. check it out now, they have taken down the designer bags, I went there to order some shoes and thught I would check. they took them down. And even put why!
  6. They still have replica LV bags in the clearance section....
  7. So they think it's okay as long as it's on sale??? :rolleyes:
  8. There have been a couple of these posts for great sites lately that are not so great--posted by recently arrived forum members. I'm noticing a pattern. Could there be a rule, maybe, that no one post recommendations for great sites until they've been a member for a year or something, maybe half a year? Maybe the mods could remove the posts before someone gets misled?

  9. This is a good idea , but than again whats great to one may not be grat for others . Or vice versa ... BUt it was good they realized the problem
  10. No, but that's just it--is the pattern being noticed? I think perhaps we might need a discussion on the forum of the extent to which commercial promotion works against the mission of the forum. Or maybe most members think this is just fine. I've been accused of being catty for responding to another one of these. It's not a question of cattiness. I feel the forum shouldn't be hijacked to blatant commercialism. Maybe that's why I don't have strong desires for a return of the marketplace. Okay--I'm going to start a new thread right now.
  11. I don't think we need a rule like that. The Moderators are here to 'moderate' the threads. There's really not that many of them. As long as the Members let us know if we've missed somethng we should be fine.
    Also, and this is only my personal opinion, we should give new members a little slack. They come because they love handbags, not EVERYONE knows how to spot a fake and not everyone knows our defiant stance against fakes.
    Let's give everyone teh benefit of teh doubt, we'll remove any questionable material, I promise. If you think something is questionable, report it by clicking the little red triangle or by PMing one of us.
    If a member is guilty of spamming, their priveledges will be removed.
  12. I see your point. Okay--will do.
  13. I honestly COULD not tell a fake unless it was blatant before I joined here. I had NO idea that websites that said they carried authentic items weren't being honest!
    Naive? Possibly, or just not as 'educated' about that.
    Most people just don't know about the dark side of this industry like we do.
  14. I'm sorry if I missed it but what website are we talking about?

  15. I don't even remember now, I remember it was mispelled on purpose which is annoying to me, like ur, instead of your.
    It sold fakes though.