Great site for women's weight training, working out & nutrition

  1. This is an awesome, informative site for weight training, working out and nutrition. It's geared toward introducing women into weight training and to not shy away from the weight room ;) She also posts workout routines. Not to mention the author is a super creative writer and has a hilarious writing style.

    Women's Weight Training

    It's a great reference!
  2. Thanks Cristina!
  3. You're welcome :smile: There is so much great information on that site, I remember when I came across it I must have spent an hour reading :shame: It's just nice to come across resources that don't advocate eating 600 calories consisting only of diet coke and celery and spending 2 hours a day on the stairmaster :rolleyes: :p
  4. Love the site Cristina!
  5. What a great site! Thanks so much!:yes:
  6. I just started browsing around, it is very informative! Thanks!